Telkonet, Inc. Showcases Future of Hospitality Energy Management Technology at HITEC 2013: The "EcoCentral Virtual Engineer" Cloud-Based Command Center

Telkonet, Inc. Showcases Future of Hospitality Energy Management Technology at HITEC 2013: The "EcoCentral Virtual Engineer" Cloud-Based Command Center

Company's New Generation of Integrated Technology Revealed at World's Largest Hospitality Event

MILWAUKEE, June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Telkonet, Inc. (OTCQB: TKOI), whose complementary business divisions include EcoSmart, an intelligent energy management technology solution and EthoStream, one of the largest high-speed Internet access ("HSIA") providers in the world, will be introducing and demonstrating its new ground-breaking EcoCentral Virtual Engineer cloud-based command center at HITEC 2013. HITEC, the world's largest hospitality and technology event, is being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN, June 25th – 27th.

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"We are excited to have a significant presence at this year's HITEC event," stated Jason Tienor, Telkonet's CEO. "Energy management demands in the hospitality industry have skyrocketed and we're eager to demonstrate the next generation of cutting-edge technologies represented by our EcoCentral Virtual Engineer.  When integrated with our industry-leading EcoSmart Suite of networked energy management, products, the EcoCentral Virtual Engineer provides a robust, cloud-based monitoring and building control platform that maximizes a building's energy efficiency and cost savings while reducing dependency on physical staff."

EcoCentral Virtual Engineer, the new command center for Telkonet's EcoSmart energy management solution, offers a wealth of convenient features to maximize energy efficiency, operational efficiency, and guest satisfaction.  Intelligent thermostats, occupancy sensors, door and window contacts, outlets and light switches form a network to communicate information between rooms, floors, and buildings.  Integrated, room-by-room data collected by EcoSmart's intelligent energy management technology enables the advanced EcoCentral Virtual Engineer to:

Evaluate Equipment Performance - monitor capability of in-room equipment, identifying which HVAC equipment may be malfunctioning, allowing engineering resources to be deployed selectively and proactively, ensuring continuity of comfort.  It also enables facility managers to monitor HVAC issues proactively as well as maintain, repair, and replace HVAC equipment, filters and thermostats.

Monitor Total Energy Savings - tracks room-by-room energy savings and stores detailed data about a property's HVAC, lighting and plugload devices and energy usage patterns to calculate actual energy savings. This information can be then used to qualify for "green" certification, secure rebates from a local utility, or prove a property has achieved brand sustainability standards.

Facilitate Intelligent Load-Shed Actions – designs profiles to dictate how thermostats, outlets, and lights will respond to a Demand-Response request.  Schedule "events" in EcoCentral Virtual Engineer, and devices will switch to Demand-Response profiles at the appropriate time.

Enable Logical Profile Shifting – you can specify the number of units to run concurrently, and EcoCentral Virtual Engineer will keep load at a constant level. Alternatively, specify the necessary kWh reduction and let EcoCentral determine how to best set back thermostats.

Control Buildings, Zones, Rooms, or Individual Devices in Real Time - virtual thermostats, light switches, and outlets simplify control allowing you to change HVAC settings room-by-room with the touch of a few buttons on the virtual thermostat.

Visualize Property Data Points with "Floor Planner" - view energy savings by floor and savings by side of building; identify room-by-room variance from average cooling and heating runtimes to determine which rooms do not function as well as others.  A high run-time may be isolated to a single room due to a potentially malfunctioning HVAC unit, prompting a maintenance check.

"EcoSmart in-room energy management components, including the EcoInsight thermostat, EcoGuard outlet, and EcoSwitch light switch, monitor energy usage, HVAC runtime metrics, current flow, and more," said Telkonet CTO Jeff Sobieski. "Using sophisticated in-room technology provides EcoCentral Virtual Engineer with the raw data necessary to create usable, actionable reports for hotel staff."

During the three-day show event taking place June 25-27, executives and representatives from Telkonet can be found in Booth #1031 and will offer continuous, live presentations to demonstrate the various features and benefits of EcoCentral Virtual Engineer. In addition, the Company will highlight its seamless integration with numerous hospitality technology providers.  EcoSmart thermostats, outlets, and light switches can be complemented with technology from vendors including Axxess™, Somfy™, and others, to control everything from temperature and lighting to drapes and media centers.

"Our EcoCentral Virtual Engineer has the power to be the most capable engineer on any hotel staff," Sobieski said. "At the apex of innovation, this platform stands head and shoulders above any offering from industry competitors, and we're prepared to prove that to our future customers at HITEC."

To schedule a one-on-one demonstration of EcoCentral Virtual Engineer at HITEC 2013 or via webinar, contact

Telkonet also plans to discuss the Company's recently renovated EcoCare Service & Support platform. With 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, Telkonet staff can ensure a property consistently runs at peak efficiency.  Potential issues can be investigated either remotely or on-site, evaluated, and resolved before guests ever notice an irregularity.

EthoStream, the high-speed internet access ("HSIA") division of Telkonet will also have a presence at the HITEC event.   EthoStream is currently the largest hospitality HSIA network in the country, supporting over 5.2 million users monthly. With a wide range of product and service offerings and one of the most comprehensive management platforms available for HSIA networks, EthoStream's high-speed Internet access network meets five-star requirements.  EthoStream underwent rigorous testing by Marriott International, Inc. and became a Marriott Global Property Network Standards ("GPNS") approved provider for property internet in June of 2012.  To date, EthoStream has completed 55 GPNS-certified installations and has several other properties scheduled for completion.  In addition to Marriott, InterContinental Hotels Group, (IHG) and Red Lion, numerous other brands and property management groups have selected EthoStream as an approved high-speed Internet access provider. 

Consistent "future-proof connectivity" prevents immediate obsolescence. Once installed, the EthoStream network is infinitely scalable and easily upgradable--so a property's high-speed Internet network is prepared for anything from building expansions to technology advancements. 

To learn more about the industry's best solution for HSIA, visit EthoStream at Booth #1746 or


The Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) offers a unique combination of top-notch hospitality technology education, led by industry peers and experts, and an unparalleled trade show showcasing the latest products and services from over 300 companies, occupying more than 130,000 square feet.  To attend the 2013 HITEC Show, register HERE or visit  


Telkonet, a leading United States-based energy management technology provider, offers hardware, software and services to commercial customers worldwide.  The EcoSmart suite of products, which includes EcoInsight and EcoWave intelligent thermostats, the EcoView occupancy sensor and the EcoGuard energy management outlet, can be deployed in most building environments to cut utility costs and enable remote monitoring and control using the EcoCentral management platform.  Telkonet's energy management products have the power to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon footprints and help eliminate the need for the construction of new power plants.  For more information, visit

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