Board of Directors

Flavio De Paulis


Flavio De Paulis earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Milan's Bocconi University and is a certified chartered accountant. With his expertise in strategic planning and implementation, he acts as a principal in private equity and club deals and leverages financial growth-natured transactions. His 20 years of experience includes roles at Accenture (Italy), Credit Suisse (Switzerland), and Private Swiss Bank. From 2015 to 2018, he served as Managing Partner of JCI Capital LLC. Since 2017, he has been Director of Meti, a holding company through which he acquired a minority stake of 34% in VDA. Since 2019 he is the majority shareholder of VDA. In 2022, he became a member of the Board of Directors of Telkonet.

Piercarlo Gramaglia

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Piercarlo Gramaglia is the Chief Executive Officer of Telkonet, Inc., a leader in commercial intelligent automation supporting the emerging Internet-of-Things industry. He has worked in international markets since 1999 and has developed solid experience in medium companies with manufacturing cultures.

Piercarlo holds a degree in Marketing and Export Trade. He began his professional career in Sales & Marketing, with a focus on business development and Mergers & Acquisitions. His prior professional experience includes sales and marketing with a focus on business development and mergers and acquisitions, with specific competencies in turnaround projects based on topline development. He has worked with entrepreneurial groups (Urmet, Gewiss), Italian listed companies (Nice), and groups held by financial investors (Targetti Sankey).

He has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer and director of VDA since 2018 and he has also served as a Partner of OPES Mind, a management consulting firm, since 2020. In 2022, has become the Chief Executive Officer of the Company and a member of the Board of Telkonet.

Edward L. Helvey


Edward L. Helvey is a principal in Gate Worldwide Holdings and serves as chairman for its portfolio of companies including Nomadix, interTouch and GlobalReach Technology. Prior to Gate Worldwide Holdings, Mr. Helvey served as the CEO of iBAHN, a global provider of hospitality technology services to some of the hotel industry’s leading global brands, including Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott.

Tim S. Ledwick


Mr. Ledwick is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Management Health Solutions, a private equity-backed company that provides software solutions and services to hospitals focused on reducing costs through superior inventory management practices. In addition to have provided CFO consulting and advisory services to numerous multi-million dollar corporations, Mr. Ledwick was Executive Vice President-CFO of Dictaphone Corporation playing a lead role in developing a business plan which revitalized the company, resulting in the successful sale of the firm and delivering a seven times return to shareholders, CFO of Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products, a Belgium-based NASDAQ listed speech technology company, whose market cap point reached a high of $9 billion and CFO of Cross Media Marketing Corp, an $80 million public company headquartered in New York City, playing a lead role in the firm's acquisition activity, tax analysis and capital raising. 

Mr. Ledwick is a member of the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants and received his BBA in Accounting from The George Washington University and his MS in Finance from Fairfield University.

Steven Quick


Steven Quick has a Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University and a Master's in business administration from the University of South Florida. He is C.P.A. licensed in Illinois and Florida, and a Certified Valuation Analyst. For 25 years in the industry, Steven led as CEO, Global Occupier Services for Cushman & Wakefield, as Executive Managing Director of Global Corporate Services ("GOS"), CBRE and upheld leadership positions with Johnson Controls Global Workplace Solutions. In 2020, he became CEO of Unispace, a design and construction company operating in 25 countries; he led these businesses to huge growth and transformed their strategic direction, bringing a unique perspective into the challenges and the future of the industry. In 2022, he becomes Chairman of the Board of Telkonet.